Property management system business is more than an online travel agency or a booking engine. It is a cloud-native hospitality platform, aimed primarily towards villas and small to medium-size hotels.

Comprehensive solution

  • front desk, channel manager, booking engine, website content management, all integrated into one application,
  • multi-user and multi-property enterprise-level workflow options with authentication and privileges based on roles,
  • responsive application which works on all modern day devices,
  • hosted on cloud and engineered with performance, high availability and security in mind.

Room management

  • based on automatic room assignment AI algorithm which makes the most desirable schedule with the lowest number of rooms used,
  • option to define guest wishes for rooms with priorities,
  • schedule is updated automatically on every new reservation or reservation modification, and on any event of closing rooms due to for example urgent maintenance,
  • optimised and tested for 100% occupancy in peak season.

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